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Ronix Eight.3 Telescope Bag 800lb Fat Sac


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The fastest filling and draining portable ballast bag solution in the business. Eight.3's newest and simple solution for your Center locker offering 800lbs of capacity...

Ronix Eight.3 Telescope Bag 800lb Fat Sac

The fastest filling and draining portable ballast bag solution in the business. Eight.3's newest and simple solution for your Center locker offering 800lbs of capacity. The fast and simple design that will also fit under your seats or floor. Compatible with Eight.3 3700 GPH or 3000GPH portable pump. Less time time filling and draining, more time riding behind the boat!

How Eight.3 Works
Using the new Ronix 3000 GPH pump or Ronix 3700 GPH pump is easy. Fill and drain your new Ronix Telescope bags in a fraction of the time that you are used to.

To fill simply connect the male fitting on the end of the hose to the quick fill port on the top of the bag. Don't worry about spilling any water as there is a built in check valve to eliminate spills even when the bag is over filled.

To drain the bag start by pulling the top cover away from the telescoping drain tube and pull it out of the bag. Once the tube is above the water line of the sac unzip the entry point and place the pump body into the bag. Zip the drain port around the hose to minimize the risk of water spilling out as the bag is drained.

By sourcing a new high strength vinyl material, Ronix now has the strongest ballast bag on the market. All seams and inserts are sonic welded to maintain the highest structural integrity. The telescoping drain port has a waterproof zipper similar to what is found on a dry suit.


    The Eight.3 pump has a spring loaded quick-connect male adapter, that is designed to easily clamp onto the high velocity fill port of the Fat Sac. Ever had an unexpected flying water hose in your boat? Not no mo’. This 1 1/2” diameter fill port has a check valve water gate and a water tight rubber cap. Fitted for use with the high powered Eight.3 3000GPH or 3700GPH pump. 
    Eight.3 new port caps are all made with two sided vent slots which helps burp the Eight.3 system of all extra air while filling - more water equals more weight. Fill without taking off the cap completely and potentially losing it. These new 1” diameter port cap threads are twice as long, for a water tight fit. 
    In addition to draining the water here, you can also plumb this 1” diameter port into the Plug & Play of your boat. 
    Drop any size pump into the Ronix patented submersible ballast bag to drain the weight without having to attach any nozzles. The bigger the pump the quicker it drains without the inconvenience of air locking and re-priming. Because there is no priming involved with a nozzle you can now turn up the volume and use the industry’s fastest 3700 gallon per hour pump. 
    All Eight.3 telescoping chambers include an easy to open/close TiZip waterproof zipper.
    This covers the telescope dry chamber until you are ready to empty your Eight.3 ballast system. It also acts as your alarm clock when you are filling to let you know you’re done. Not sure what we mean? Fill one up and you’ll see, it’s pretty entertaining.

    Size Chart

    50"L x 22"W x 18"H



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