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Straight Line Sumo Max 675 Bow Bag - Grey


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The Sumo Max 675 goes in the bow of your boat for a cleaner, more balanced wake...

Straight Line Sumo Max Bow Bag

The Sumo Max 675 goes in the bow of your boat for a cleaner, more balanced wake. Adding bow weight is very important in both wakeboarding and wakesurfing. Not only does it help create a bigger wake, but also helps create the desired shape for best results. Compatible with SL's Max Flow Pump rated at 4,250GPH, filling/draining this bag will only take a matter of minutes.


  • SUMO Skin 1000D
    SUMO Sacs are made with flexible and puncture-resistant fabric, “SUMO Skin.” It has a durable 1000 Denier polyester core that is heat laminated to lightweight PVC skins with a bonding agent. This sandwich construction is 150% stronger in tearing tests and 37% higher in tensile strength than any other fat sacs out there, making it the most durable ballast bag available.
  • SUMO Seams
    Every SUMO sac is double welded to ensure a watertight seal. The tough SUMO Skin is overlapped and hot air welded. You can see the smooth and clean seams on the outside of every bag, and a second welding operation applies an inch wide sealing tape to the inside of every seam.
    The new SUMO MAX FLOW valve is a new 1 ½ Inch diameter high flow version of the Sumo LINK™ system. The SUMO Max Flow valve provides the same hassle free watertight connection to your Sumo Max Pump but with massive 50% LARGER intake. The Sumo Max system is 100% compatible with the classic Sumo and Big Bag ballast systems.
  • LINK™ Valve
    The unique LINK™ system provides a hassle free connection to your Sumo Pump, keeping your boat dry on the inside. The Link™ Valve is watertight and can also be used as a convenient way to purge air from your bag.
  • 1”NPT Valves
    NEW easy turning cap with a perfect water tight seal. Pressure tested up to 6 PSI. The 1” NPT ports allow built in ballast systems to fill, drain and vent quickly for hassle free operation.

Size Chart

50"L x 44"W x 8"H



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