Straight Line Sumo Max Bow open 675 Sac

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Straight Line Sumo Max Open Bow 750 Sac

Add 675 pounds of Sumo Max weight to the boat of your boat for a more balanced wakeboard wake.

Sumo Max offers the fastest filling and draining experience available, and now that speed is available in a bag that is designed specifically for use in the bow.

Bow weight is critical for wakeboarding in order to achieve a wake that is big AND has the correct shape.

For wakesurfing additional weight forward in the boat will give you a longer wave, especially when using a mechanical surf device.

Features four 1" NPT integration ports, with a new plug design that is easier to loosen and tighten by hand.

Sumo Bag Boat Fit Guide

Straight Line Sumo Max Bow open 675 Sac

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