Purchasing a Life Vest

Byerly Wakeboards Turns 10 in 2016

2016 is the year Byerly Wakeboards turns 10! The Godfather of wakeboard, Scott Byerly was at the forefront of wakeboarding back in the late 80’s when it all started and by 2006, he decided he had what it took to create more than one signature pro model board, and turned his style and knowledge into a brand. Read More


Purchasing a Life Vest

Purchasing a Life Vest

Little compares to the joy of hitting the water on a beautiful day, and fear of injury should never get in the way of that. According to Australian Standards, anyone out on the water has to wear an Australian Approved Life Vest, and with good cause, people are saved from injury every day because they were wearing a water ski vest. Finding the right life vest is important, as having the wrong vest can negatively effect your ride, and your safety. Read More


Choose the Right Water Skis

Choose the Right Water Skis

Committing to a water sport can be a fun and challenging experience. You gain the exuberant feeling that comes with hitting the water with the right technique and equipment, and rise to the challenge improving your skiing. When choosing water skis, it’s important to be guided by an expert who not only knows the equipment but also knows the sport. Read More


Summer’s Here, Get Ready for Ski Biscuits!

Summer’s Here, Get Ready for Ski Biscuits!

Bouncing around on the water in a ski biscuit is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have on the water. While accessible to people of different ages and skill sets, it’s still so specific that almost anyone can find enjoyment riding one. Choosing a ski biscuit that’s adjacent to the needs of you and your family shouldn’t be a difficult task, and we get that. At Water Skier’s World, we’re a family run business that not only sells equipment, but spends as much time as we can use it. It’s important to know that while ski biscuits are normally fun, a few missteps can ruin a day out on the water. Read More


Radar Skis

Riding Radar Skis, What You Should Know

When it comes to slalom skis, and waterskiing in general, the name Herb O’Brien is legendary. Radar skis were born out of a desire to build skis with the greatest quality, and that’s been executed time and time again in their skis. Continuous research and development has gone into manufacturing these skis and it shows in every single ride. Choosing Radar skis is no simple task, as they’re a big investment even for the most avid of skiers. Consulting a ski seller who can guide you on the best board for your needs is paramount in gaining access into the Radar world of skiing... Read More


Purchasing The Right Wakeboard

Purchasing The Right Wakeboard

When buying a wakeboard there are a few factors you need to take into account before making any purchase. Wakeboards are divided up into 3 different categories: Cable, Boat and Cable/Boat cross over boards, so firstly you’ll need to decided what kind of terrain you’ll be riding...Read More


Jetpilot Ride Short Range

Jetpilot Ride Short Range

Jetpilot’s ride short range has some great products this coming season. The Game Changer is a 3 in 1 Interchangable Performance Boardshort. Read More


Hyperlite System Bindings & Boots

Hyperlite System Bindings & Boots

The Hyperlite System bindings and boot combos have really stepped it up for the 2016 range, with many new features for increased riding comfort, control, flexibility and mobility.Read More


Rip Curl Mix n Match

Rip Curl Mix n Match

Imagine if The Time Bomb Bikini and the Bombshell Series collaborated? Well, summer 2016 will introduce you to the Rip Curl Mix + Match range that has a complete neoprene story designed to suit all seasons.Read More



The Importance of Water-skiing Gloves

There’s only one thing between you and the handle when you’re going for it behind the boat, so we tend to take this pretty seriously. Make sure you start with a water-skiing glove with a very snug fit. Read More


wake surfer

5 Tips to be a Better Wake Surfer

Never wake surf behind an outboard or inboard-outboard boat. Always surf behind an inboard boat because the prop is completely under the boats hull and free of any contact with wake surfers.Read More


wakeboard helmets

What you should look out for when buying wakeboard helmets?

When buying a wakeboard helmet the most important thing to look for is quality in the product. The safety features vary between each brand and style and you need to make sure those particular features will be effective enough for your style of riding.Read More


jet pilot life vests

Why are JetPilot Life Vests the Best?

Looking to get maximum safety, while wowing your onlookers with your style? We sure are. That’s why we’ve meticulously chosen the best possible brands for life vests in our inventory…and that includes JetPilot.Read More


rip curl life vests

Rip Curl Life Vests Revolutionize Safety…again!

Rip Curl have really stepped up their game over the last two seasons when it comes to their life vests. Read More


liquid force wakeboards

Liquid Force Wakeboards Keep Dominating

Founded in 1995, Tony Finn and Jimmy Redmond began one of the most influential and creative wake brands to ever hit the water sports world – Liquid Force. Read More


follow season 5

Follow Season 5 Is Set to Stand Out

Over the last two years Follow has dominated in the wake world with their handles, ropes, life vests and for the 2016 Season 5 range they didn't hold back. Read More


connelly gt ski

Kick off the Season with the Connelly GT Ski

The same passion that drove Connelly in 1965 is the same energy that drives it today. Connelly skis are hand built in USA with 50 years of research and development behind each and every design. With consistent innovating, testing and experimenting on new designs, you know that with Connelly you are getting a ski that has proven performance.Read More



The Best 2016 Wakeboard packages of the Season

At Waterskiers World we offer a wide variety of Wakeboard Packages. Some of the pro’s of buying your set up as a package is not only do you save yourself a bit of cash, but you will have matching boots and boards and you’ll have a set up that is aesthetically designed to work off each technical aspect of the package. Read More



Finding the Best Water Ski Tubes

Ski tubes (tubing) is a timeless family sport that can be enjoyed by all ages. At Waterskier’s World we offer a wide variety from 1 person tubes, ski lounges, to floating tramps plus all the accessories you’ll need like pumps and ropes. Read More



Express Yourself with Double Up Wakeboards (DUP)

No two riders are the same, so why ride a product that doesn’t let you express your individuality. At Double Up they pride themselves on developing boards that ignite expression, bindings that allow creative movement and an accessories range that is both unique and individual. Read More



Get Ready For the 2016 Ronix Wakeboards Range

We have high expectations for the release of the 2016 Ronix wakeboard range after last season’s massive breakthrough with their BrainFrame technology. Could we possibly see another stylistic and design breakthrough in which would have the ability to personally pick and change colours between the skeleton, inner lining and baseplate? Will there be more ergonomic camber designs across a broader range? Read More



Our Expectations of the 2016 HO Ski Range

With the 2016 HO ski range release just on the horizon, we can’t wait to see if they can top their last season. HO are known for their limitless imagination and continuous innovation of products, and incorporate the best and most advance materials and designs into all their products.Read More



Stay safe and stylish with the 2016 Jetpilot Life Vests Range

Since 1986, Jetpilot has dominated the extreme sports field in hardware and gear, and this year, 2016 Jetpilot’s Life Vests are their best yet. Over the past 27 years they have utilized the knowledge and experience of some of the finest athletes in the world to build products that are unrivalled in the watersports industry.Read More


wakesurfers with boat

Understanding the Difference between Wakeboarders and Wakesurfers

You might have heard of them, or maybe you’re just looking for something to improve your performance in the water – either way, buoyancy wetsuits are becoming increasingly popular in the watersport industry. With so many options available, it’s hard to understand what makes a buoyancy wetsuit different than traditional models. Here’s the breakdown on what a buoyancy suit does – and how it can help you in the water. Read More


2016 hyperlite wakeboards

Understanding the Different 2016 Hyperlite Wakeboards

As the wakeboarding season for 2015 is drawing to a close, interest has continued to grow as new board development is starting to surface for the 2016 season. With the expected release of the 2016 Hyperlite Wakeboards, choosing your new board is an exciting opportunity to purchase one of the innovative designs of Hyperlite. Read More


wetsuit shorts

How to Choose the Proper Wetsuit Shorts for Protection

If you’re looking to stay protected on the water, look no further than a quality pair of wetsuit shorts. A wetsuit is made from neoprene – which is typically used to offer thermal insulation, buoyancy and abrasion resistance while in the water. Additionally, shorts can help protect a rider from the elements – a hard fall, harsh winds or “water burn”. For women, this can also help add an extra layer of protection to bare legs (where the average bathing suit provides minimal coverage). Read More


buoyancy suits

How are Buoyancy Wetsuits Different than Standard Wetsuits?

If you’ve ever been behind a boat, you’re likely to know the thrill of hitting a perfectly peaked wake. Cutting into the wake, you can feel the air as you jet across – it’s exhilarating and exciting. For those avid wakeboarders, it’s a one-of-a-kind experience between the water and the board. One of the newer water sports to take over the water is very similar to wakeboarding – it’s called wake surfing. Read More


properly fit life jacket

How to Properly Fit a Life Jacket

Everyone knows the importance of a life jacket. It keeps you safe while you’re out on the water – whether you’re in a boat or participating in a water sport. But choosing a life jacket isn’t always simple. In fact, with a variety of designs and styles, choosing the right personal floatation device can be overwhelming. Read More


boat ballasts

Understanding the Different Types of Boat Ballasts

A boat ballast is designed to help create a bigger wake for skiers and wakeboarders alike – the extra weight added into the back of the boat pushes out a higher wake, allowing for better rides, higher peaks and a better performance overall. Read More


storing 2015 ronix wakeboards

Properly Storing 2015 Ronix Wakeboards

Getting a new wakeboard is like bringing a new baby home, especially the new 2015 Ronix wakeboards. While these boards perform great, if you’re not properly storing it – that new baby might suffer from warping, scratches or digs that can affect your performance on the water. Read More


learning basics with slalom skis

Learning the Basics with Radar Slalom Skis

Slalom is not for the faint at heart, often demanding incredible balance and drive. In fact, some of the most experienced skiers have difficulty making the transition from two feet to only one foot. Read More


improve skill on byerly wakeboards

How to Improve Your Skills on Byerly Wakeboards – in the Off Season

Wakeboard season is fast approaching, but that doesn’t mean you have to put off brushing up on a few skills until you’re back in the water.Read More


connelly skis

4 Tips to Optimize Your Connelly Skis Experience

There's nothing better that getting out on the water and enjoying a full day of water skiing. Whether it's learning a new trick or achieving a new personal best -- anything can happen on the water. To optimize your performance on the lake with your Connelly skis, follow these 4 tips to improve your performance -- regardless of your skill level.Read More


buying wakeboard boots

How to choose wakeboard boots

The right wakeboard boots will help you excel at your sport, and also keep you comfortable while on your board. One of the best places to shop for wakeboard boots is online, as you will save money and have a large range of products to choose from. Firstly though, let’s learn how to choose wakeboard boots, and the considerations you will need to make for your purchase.Read More



How to buy a snowboard

Are you ready to buy a new snowboard, but you want some tips and tricks so you make the right purchase? Choosing a good snowboard will allow you to stay within your budget and invest in equipment that will help you improve in the sport. We have gathered our best tips on how to buy a snowboard.Read More



Wakeboarding tricks you should try in 2015

New year resolutions for wakeboarders may include learning new tricks. Once you have mastered the basics of wakeboarding, you will be ready to learn some new moves. Let’s make 2015 the year to boost your ego and show off to your friends. Here are some wakeboarding tricks that you should try, to keep it thrilling on the wake. As a beginner, ensure that you progress safely in the sport and master the beginner tricks first before tackling those that require extreme skills. Gain support from wakeboarders who are more advanced than you, as these people will offer the best advice and correct demonstrations. Remember to try new tricks on calm days, when the water is not too choppy or rough.Read More


waterski gear

What gear is essential for waterskiers?

Waterskiers will need to be equipped with good gear, otherwise they will be going nowhere. Like most water sports, it is easy to start out with only a basic kit, but as you spend more time on your skis and your passion for the water becomes more serious, you may choose to invest in more gear that is better in quality.While some gear is a luxury or only for professional athletes, there is some equipment that you have to have before you can call yourself a waterskier. We have collected a list of what you need, before you get up on your skis.Read More


kids waterski

Top 7 tips for teaching kids to water ski

Are you interested in teaching your child to water ski, or are they begging you to take them with you? Outdoor sports are great for a young person’s fitness, self-esteem and social skills, but parents do not always know the right way to start. Water skiing can be a fun but intense, so here are some tips to keep your children progressing, while staying safe and having fun at the same time.Read More


buying a wakeskate

Tips for buying a wakeskate

Skateboarders who love the water may choose to transfer their boarding skills to wakeskating. Many of the moves are the same and a skateboarder will already be familiar with how the board feels and moves. There are many different boards on the market, from novice to advanced boards, so let’s explore some of the considerations you should make when you shop for one.Read More


wakesurf board

How to choose the right wakesurf board

Wake surfing is a fun alternative to wakeboarding and is perfect for individuals who already have experience riding a board in the surf. You will find great satisfaction in throwing the rope away and riding the wake like it is a wave. There is more freedom and new tricks and techniques to master, so let’s explore what you need to know to choose the right wakesurf board. Read More



2015 guide to buying a wakeboard

Enjoy the new year of 2015 with a brand new wakeboard. Whether you are new to the sport and are seeking an entry level board, or you are a more experienced rider wanting to upgrade to the latest model, there are many awesome boards on the market to suit your needs. Read More



How long should a ski tube rope be?

Ski tubing, along with other water sports that involve people being towed behind a boat are a lot of fun. Ski tubing is especially enjoyable because the entire family can easily join in, including experienced athletes and young children. You will need to consider safety though, and ensure that you have the correct equipment that will give you maximum fun and maximum safety at the same time. Read More


wakeskate wakesurf

Wakeskate vs. wakesurf: what’s the difference?

Wake skating is very similar to wake surfing, but there are differences. Both are water sports that use a board made out of fibreglass or a similar material, to ride a wake. A wake is the wave that is generated behind a boat under motion in the water. To wake skate or wake surf, you will need specialised equipment, including a boat that is designed to create a rideable wake behind it. You can purchase a boat that is made specifically for this purpose, or adapt another boat to perform for the sport. Read More


neoprene vs nylon life jackets

Neoprene vs nylon life jackets

Two popular materials for life jackets are neoprene and nylon. Each material has different properties and offer different features and benefits. If you are in the market for new life jackets, the material that your products are made from should greatly influence your final choice. This article has been written to help you make the best decision that fulfils your life jacket requirements. Read More


boat ballast bag

Adding a Boat Ballast Bag to Your Boat

Weighting your boat for wakeboarding is essential, and to participate in the sport you will need to learn about adding a boat ballast bag to your boat. A wake is created as the boat moves through the water. The water will move away from the boat, and then later return back to where it originally was. Because of this, a wave will continue to flow in the direction of the boat, which is the wake you will be trying so hard to perfect. Read More


choosing perfect wakeboarding shop

Choosing the perfect wakeboarding shop

When you find the perfect wakeboarding shop, you will instantly understand the benefits it will offer you in your sport. New gear will help you excel on the wake, but a wakeboarding shop can also provide you with advice and education that improves your knowledge and gives you new ideas to try.   Read More


2015 Wakeboards

2015 Wakeboards

2015 wakeboards will introduce new designs based on recent research and advancing technologies. Every year new wakeboards are released into the market, to demonstrate the better understandings of designers and manufactures in the sport. Each product showcases what brands have learned about supporting a comfortable ride, while maximising the benefits of a great wake.  Read More


Buying Water Sports Equipment

Buying Water Sports Equipment: What to Look For?

Water sports are extremely popular because they are thrilling and get people outdoors in the fresh air, water and sun. You will however need to invest in quality equipment to ensure that you make the most of your chosen sport.  Read More


Wakeboard Christmas Gift Ideas

Wakeboard Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is nearly here and if you need to buy a special gift for a wakeboard enthusiast, you are certain to find the perfect gift at We have a full range of top quality wakeboards and associated products so you can find a gift that will impress the special person you care about. Christmas gifts can be challenging but we make it easy to buy an amazing gift that will be used and appreciated.  Read More


How to buy life jackets

How to buy life jackets

Life jackets are used for a range of water sports including water-skiing, wakeboarding and boating. They are designed to keep you safe, especially during an accident as the water can be a dangerous place while sporting. New life jacket designs have additional features including keeping you warm through insulation and also keeping you comfortable while you wear them for long periods of time.  Read More


How long should a wakeboard rope be?

How long should a wakeboard rope be?

Are you interested in learning how long your wakeboard rope should be? Wakeboarding can be a thrilling sport but there are many things you will need to learn to ensure that you stay safe while still having fun. If you are just a beginner, try not to get overwhelmed by all of the new things that you need to learn. Start out by keeping things simple and as you become more competent on your board and clearing the wakes, you can try new things and attempt to advance. Read More


How to clean a wakeboard

How to clean a wakeboard

When you invest in a wakeboard, you want to ensure that you take good care of it. A wakeboard may be an expensive purchase but when you find one that you fall in love with, you will want it to last as long as possible. When it comes to caring for a wakeboard, one of the questions people ask is how to clean a wakeboard, without damaging the board, but still ensuring that it is clean and free of grime. Read More


great wakeboarding accessories that you need

Great Wakeboarding Accessories That You Need

No matter what your level of expertise is, you need the right wakeboarding accessories and gear so that you can feel confident and safe on the water. Read More


women's wakeboard and why the size matters

Women's Wakeboard and Why the Size Matters

In the popular sport of wakeboarding, a wakeboard is used to provide surface tension and balance over the surface of water. Wakeboarding is an old sport which emerged in 1980 and was originally known as skurfing. Wakeboards are used to stand on top of water which is being pulled by another mechanically powered device such as a boat. Read More


where to find the best wakeboard packages

Where to Find the Best Wakeboard Packages

For anyone interested in trying out wakeboarding and testing his or her skill and prowess on the flighty and capricious surface of water, a wakeboard package provides the perfect combination of equipment. For both advanced riders and beginners, a wakeboard package is the best start because it will ensure you get the right items to make your hobby or passion memorable and enjoyable. A wakeboard package will see you out on the water quicker, so that you can begin to master your wakeboarding skills or even execute the numerous skills professional wakeboarders so adeptly perform. Read More


what to lookout for when buying wakeboards online

What to Lookout for When Buying Wakeboards Online

Purchasing a wakeboard can be an exciting decision for a novice or expert wakeboarder who likes to play with the surface of the water and wants to learn or polish his myriad tricks. There are many misconceptions and sales pitches, which force wakeboarders to purchase the wrong type of equipment for their first experience, which makes the sport dangerous and hard to master for them. In order to ensure that your wakeboarding experience is the best, you should lookout for the following features when purchasing such sports equipment online. Read More


where to find the best ski tubes

The Art of Ski Tubing and Where to Find the Best Ski Tubes

As with any sports, wakeboarding also has its precautions and essential requirements. In order to make the most of the wakeboarding sport, one cannot stress enough on the importance of having the right wakeboarding gear. The equipment needs to be of optimal quality and also needs to be right, in terms of size and usability. The use of the right wakeboarding gear will ensure that users can enjoy themselves without putting their lives to a risk. Wakeboarding gear of good quality can be purchased from the water skier’s world website. However, before you jump into buying the equipment, it is vital that you have an insight on the aspects that you will need to consider to ensure that the equipment is the right pick for you. Read More


ensure your safety with the right wakeboarding gear

Ensure your Safety with the Right Wakeboarding Gear

As with any sports, wakeboarding also has its precautions and essential requirements. In order to make the most of the wakeboarding sport, one cannot stress enough on the importance of having the right wakeboarding gear. The equipment needs to be of optimal quality and also needs to be right, in terms of size and usability. The use of the right wakeboarding gear will ensure that users can enjoy themselves without putting their lives to a risk. Wakeboarding gear of good quality can be purchased from the water skier’s world website. However, before you jump into buying the equipment, it is vital that you have an insight on the aspects that you will need to consider to ensure that the equipment is the right pick for you. Read More


water ski wetsuits can give you an advantage

Water Ski Wetsuits Can Give You An Advantage

Wearing a water ski wetsuit isn't just for professional skiers. The reason they wear them is they know the advantage it can give a skier in the water. Wetsuits work to preserve your core body temperature from colder waters. This can help you extend your time in the water and get more out of your day. Read More


get the whole family out on water ski tubes

Get the Whole Family out on Water Ski Tubes

With the new drive for health and wellness, spending more time out of doors with your entire family engaged in activities is becoming the way to spend the summer months. A day at the beach or the lake can become even more enjoyable when you add water sports to the choices. The problem with water skiing is that it is usually a one person at a time venture. That's why water ski tubes are becoming increasingly popular. They are easier to use than skis, allow for multiple riders and for riders of every generation to get in on the fun. Read More


different types of water skiing equipment

Different Types of Water Skiing Equipmnent

If you are getting ready to take to the water this season to enjoy the thrill of water skiing, it’s a good idea to know the basics of the equipment you will need.  Water skiing can provide you with the same tricks and thrills of the winter snow slopes while having a distinct sporting style of its own. Read More


buy wakeboards online to fit your unique style

Buy Wakeboards Online to Fit Your Unique Style

People who don't know anything about wakeboarding refer to it as snowboarding in the summer. Wakeboarding is a unique sport that came from the hybridization of water skiing, surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding. While you can still see elements of each in the new wakeboard styles and tricks, it has come into its own. As it has taken its place in the water sports world, it has become easier to buy wakeboards online so you can fit them to your unique style on the water. Read More


4 basic types of slalom water ski styles

4 Basic Types of Slalom Ski Styles

One of the best known styles of water skiing is the slalom style. Beginners who start out on the double skis often look with envy at the turning and weaving form of the single ski of the slalom style. These skis have two bindings in the ski body, but the dual bindings are positioned much different from those found on wakeboards. While a wakeboard more closely emulates the positioning and balance of a snowboarder or skateboarder, the slalom skier is engaged in an art unique to itself. The positioning of the feet is more inline than on wakeboards, making slalom skiing something that only intermediate and advanced skiers generally attempt. Even an intermediate combo water skier may discover themselves a beginner again when it comes to slalom skiing. Read More


buy a wakeboard online

How To Buy A Wakeboard Online

You may be considering starting to wakeboard, and that’s a great idea! The activity is a ton of fun, it’s great exercise, and it can open you to new opportunities in other areas of your life. But, as you would expect, you can’t start until you get your own wakeboard. As time has gone on, it’s become much easier to buy a wakeboard online instead of looking for a brick and mortar retailer. If you are looking to buy a wakeboard online, you are going to want to think about a number of different factors during the process. In this article, we’re going to explore how you can buy a wakeboard online. Read More


what wakeboard to buy

How Do I Choose What Wakeboard to Buy?

Are you looking to around trying to figure out what wakeboard to buy? It can be a difficult process if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, but if you know where to start, you’ll find that it’s much easier to figure out exactly what wakeboard to buy. Even a beginner can determine what wakeboard to buy if they learn the difference between these types. Read More


buying a womens wakeboard

Tips for Choosing a Women's Wakeboard

If you are looking for a women’s wakeboard, you have a lot of considerations that you have to keep in mind, obviously, you have to know what size you want (based on your weight) and what style you want, but there are a number of other things that you have to consider as well. You can’t just assume that you’ve found the right wakeboard because it looks nice; there are a lot of things that you have to keep in mind. Read More


wearing a wakeboard life vest

Why Should I Wear a Wakeboard Life Vest?

Many people think that they should not wear a wakeboard life vest, because it will either decrease the quality of their wakeboard experience, or because it will “get in the way” when they’re trying to wakeboard. But, there are actually a number of reasons that you should consider wearing a wakeboard life vest, no matter how experienced you may be. Read More


what size wakeboard to buy

How To Determine What Size Wakeboard To Buy?

It can take some time for you to learn exactly how to know what size wakeboard to buy, but as long as you do your research ahead of time, you can have a better understanding of it. When you are getting into the sport of wakeboarding, you will learn rather quickly what size wakeboard to buy. Read more


buying wakeboading vests

What to Look for When Buying Wakeboarding Vests

If you want to start wakeboarding, there are a number of considerations that you have to make. One of those considerations is about the safety gear that you are going to buy. What do you need to know or look for when you are buying wakeboarding vests for yourself or those in your family that are joining you in the adventure? Here are some of the most important things that you need to look for.  Read more


choosing the right wakeboard package

How to Choose the Right Wakeboard Package

One of the best ways to get into wakeboarding is by buying a wakeboard package. These packages usually have a number of different things that you can use while you’re wakeboarding, and a wakeboard package will give it to you at a discount that you couldn’t find any other way.

So how do you find the right wakeboard package? Here are some tips that can help you out.  Read more


buy the best ski tube

Finding the Best Ski Tube to Buy

If you are interested in water sports, and you have a boat, you may be considering purchasing ski tubes to play on. Ski tubes can be a lot of fun, but there are a few things that you have to consider in order to find the best ski tube to buy for your family.  Read more


buying life jackets for kids

Buying Life Jackets for Kids

If you are going to bring your child(ren) boating or have them enjoy other types of water fun, you want to consider buying life jackets for your kids. But how do you do that? How do you find the right life jacket for your kids? Here are some suggestions that can help you find the right life jacket when buying life jackets for kids.  Read more.


buying a wakeboard

A Buyer's Guide to Buying a Wakeboard

If you are looking to buy a wakeboard, and you never have before, you have a lot of things that you have to take into consideration. You will have to look at things like style, level of experience, how often you want to use it, the width and rocker, the fin(s), and everything else related to the process. Let’s take a closer look at each of those things. Read more.